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02-08-2012, 08:33 AM
I saw 2 CE PUGs going on last night, I even joined in one of them but after an hour couldn't get the CE down less than 30%. I learned a hell of a lot however, like a lot of the people on there I didn't read the chat at first and only later learned that mines were a bad idea. IMO the STO wiki needs to be clearer on mines as they're only mentioned once near the end, unless you read the entire article you're likely to miss seeing that bit of info altogether.

Next time I'll be able to play is tonight at around 22:00 GMT, I have RL commitments before then. A couple of tweaks would make the mission more tempting however- as it stands destroying crystal fragments doesn't yield any exp, meaning that unless you manage to actually kill the CE, you won't gain anything from however much time you put into it. Another thing would be to have some kind of timeout (which ends the mission when it expires) so that you're not stuck at it for hours on end.