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02-08-2012, 08:53 AM
I like these ideas, for what that is worth.

The whole idea of an officer collecting ships as he ranks is, IMO, a broken part of the game. Star Fleet (the government) owns the ship. When an officer increases rank their capacity of higher duty necessitws reassignment of command to higher responsibility and a more capable ship class, the old ship should ordinarily be sent to space dock for refit. Even smaller older capital ships are a huge resource I vestment. They would continue on duty until no longer functional or functionally obsolete.

A rear admiral or vice admiral should be commanding a battle group consisting of a heavy cruiser or better and attendant vessels.

As for battleships? Yes, definitely, make it so, not just once but twice. The ST cannon of a more peaceful and happy universe should have gone out the window with the Borg invasion and the Dominion Wars. Now in the 25th century we are at open war with an alliance of Klingons, Gorn, Romulans, etc. Time to bring out the Whole War Machine so we can have peace again.