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02-08-2012, 09:50 AM
Originally Posted by Charlie25 View Post
I was thinking about buying one for my science toon. I have saved uo to 2.6 million and im wondering if i should get the maintence drone or the medical one?

are they really worth getting? So far, I have Maco set on my toon at the moment. I'm just a little unsure if my 2.6 million will be worth spent on. Any advice you can give me? many thanks x
I have the medic one on my Tac Klingon and I love it.

You still get your set bonus as you still have your full set on (as long as you have the MACO weapon in the alt slot), so you can go nuts with it

I must admit the stun (alt fire) from the medic one I have found to be really good and it has saved my backside a few times. As for the others I cannot comment as I do not have them to try them.

One thing I was annoyed over was that you carry it as a gun, I did hope it would replace your arm with a borg arm, but alas it is just another gun

(Oh and it is a plasma mini gun / assault gun by the way)