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02-08-2012, 09:56 AM
Originally Posted by Captain.Hunter View Post
I was hanging around sector space near ESD yesterday and saw a ship which I didn't recognize.

I clicked on the player and looked to see what ship he was flying. It was listed as (Deep Space Science Vessel). Well my Sci officer had one but dropped it because it is so fugly. This one however was pretty sleek and impressed me so I thought, hmm...must be a C-Store skin/variant.

Well I looked in the C-store and couldn't find it, so I stopped by ESD Shipyard and checked to see if I missed a new release somehow of a new skin for the ship - nope. The god-awful looking Trident, Oracle, and Destiny classes all still listed.

So, can any one tell me what this ship I saw was? It was closest to an Oracle class, but was lacking the lower stabliizer/nacelle/hull (which is an option in customization) but more importantly, had an Akira style saucer section which was more square than round.

(or did I just completely read the wrong ship type in the owners info window??)

That would be the Nimbus costume variant, which I happen to fly quite a lot. You can purchase them in the C-Store under "ship costumes". It comes with the secondary array underneath but I prefer to turn that off - and it does kinda look like an akira :-)