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02-08-2012, 12:05 PM
Originally Posted by The.Grand.Nagus View Post
I never said it was. However, he is using the logic that it doesnt make sense for a connie to be able to own a Borg cube. And if he thinks it doesnt make sense for a hypothetical T5 connie to be able to own a Borg cube, then it makes even LESS sense for a T2 connie to be able to do so. And yet, that is what we currently have in game.
I understood what you meant! It does not look good for the higher rank connie but it would be nice if they built a new 25th Century one that was gold plated or something. If there was a market for it in teh 25th Century I am sure some ship designer would start to work on it

Originally Posted by OPG: Exclusive Interview w/ Artist CaptLogan
I want to carry forward with making “+1” versions of all ships, especially the Sovereign. I want to make new variants in the 2409 style until every ship has one. I also want to master classic Starfleet style ships in the way that I think Mark Rademaker has. He’s awesome.
Is this the contradiction you were taking about? making “+1” versions of all ships"?