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Well, I couldn't find very many builds for a Science Capt. in the Odyssey, so I tried my hand at making up a decent one on my own. I think I found something that will work well, and I figured I would share it in case anyone is searching for an idea on how to build this ship.

My play-style is a debuffer/DoT'er with a bit of survivability and heals, so my build focuses on this.


Front: 3 Plasma Beam Arrays (or Polaron/Tetryon) & 1 Chroniton or Tricobalt Torpedo
Back: Same as above

Power Settings:
Weapons: 75
Shields: 50
Engines: 25
Aux: 50

Bridge Officer Skills:

Commander Engineer
Emergency Power to Shields or Engineering Team
Reverse Shield Polarity
Extend Shields
Aceton Beam

Lt. Tactical
Beam Overload or Beam Fire At Will
Attack Pattern: Beta

Lt. Commander Universal (Put a Science B.Off here)
Science Team
Hazard Emitters
Gravity Well

Lt. Science
Transfer Shield Strength
Tachyon Beam or Charged Particle Burst

Ensign Science
Jam Sensors or Tractor Beam


Tactical: 2 of them that Boost your Weapon type's damage
Science: Field Generator and Graviton Generator/Tomographic Imager/Emitter Array
Engineering: 2 RCS Accelerator, 1 EPS Flow Regulator, 1 Booster Modulator

Shield: Resilient [Cap] or Covariant [Reg]
Deflector: Standard or Graviton

Any suggestions and comments will be appreciated.