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02-08-2012, 12:35 PM
I was hoping someone would start this thread. I've been playing around with the Odyssey since I got it last Thursday and haven't really found a good build for it yet. Here is what I have.

Fore: Beams / Quantum
Aft: Same

Power: Weapon 100
Shield: 25
Engine: 25
Aux: 50

Debuff skills:
Aceton beam
Tacyon beam
Gravity well

Healing abillities:
All the ones you mentioned

Attack abilitites:
Torpedo: Spread

I play to kill things fast, through debuffing and high Weapon damage. I like to open up a hole in the shields, plant a Gravity well and then try to circle around it. Torpedos help when you have multiple targets and one happens to get in front or behind you. I think I'm going to try an Emergency Power to Auxillary / Weapons build next, using as many Aux based powers as I can. The hardest part about builds is remembering which abilities are on the same cooldown, and which abilties share common systems (making it easier to 'spec' into using them well). I struggle with this.