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02-08-2012, 01:19 PM
I use an Extreme 3D Pro Logitech joystick in STO with the Logitech Profiler with no problems.

1.) TURN OFF joystick support in STO

Under 'Options' in the profiler, 'Global Options Settings' set it to "Apply Persistent Profile" to your profile for STO

Basically you are just setting the joystick to send a keystroke when a button is pushed.
If you have it set to STO Profile as the default and you start the profiler with system start.

Tick the 2 boxes below in 'Global Options Settings'

The joystick will be activated all the time, you can even check the operation by opening Notepad and pressing buttons, the keystokes should appear,

Although using this method is annoying if the joystick is moved outside the game because windows will receive the keys sent. You can close it to avoid this.