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02-08-2012, 01:41 PM
its like an excelcior only better, at least it isn't head and shoulders better then other escorts like the bugship is. what an awsome turn rate it has too, and that shield modifier is lovely. i wish all the current ships had more divers stats like this, a bit less hull here, higher shields modifier there, different but equal

*edit- oh wait that's a science ensign and a universal lt... that's not ok. a cruiser that turns that well and has 5 tactical stations and 8 engineering stations would be unstoppable. unlike the odyssey that gave you the opportunity to have 5 tactical stations, you get left with only 4 engineering stations. that's not a viable build for something so big and slow. you guys got to make the ensign universal, like i thought i saw originally, or its just not balanced at all.