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02-08-2012, 01:41 PM
I'm quite surprised you went with the Galor-class as a T5 ship; as the Keldon-class was similar in deign yet more powerful so I would have assumed the Galor would be T4 along the lines of the Tactical Escorts, Exploration Cruisers, Long Range Sci Vessels, Pach Raptors, Ki'Tang BoP and Vor'Cha Battle Cruisers.

Assuming all along that the Keldon would be T5; what does this all mean for the potential future Cardassian faction? That question I would hope should have been asked internally during design discussion...

Thinking about the new weaponry that comes with this Galor I'm now guessing that we may see Phased polaron beams as rewards during the new FE series; which would be pretty cool.