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02-08-2012, 02:10 PM
Originally Posted by Azurian View Post
The Option is in the Upper Right Corner in the Tailor Page. You choose the type of outfit: Normal Uniform, Off-Duty, or MACO / Omega.

Also mind you that MKXI doesn't unlock all MACO / Omega uniform options, because you need the MK XII sets as well.
I have 6 toons. 4 already have their HK/MACO/Omega XI set and all of their uniforms r visualized. NO PROBLEM.

Now, 5th and 6th appeared to have some problems with tailor menu. 5th had its visual enabled but doesn't see visual at all with MACO set XI. Type of option I only see is Normal Uniform and Off-duty but no MACO. Despite already got accolade and full set XI. However, on 6th, Omega set XI, enabled visual but missing wrist attach right from Tailor Page 3.

Mind you, I'm not worry abt XII right now and I already know that. XI set on my two characters r broken.