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02-08-2012, 03:55 PM
I can't vouch for anything earlier then the STO F2P launch, but if you guys will send us your system and software info, we can try and find compatibility issues that might be causing this.

Sometimes it is an obscure toolbar installed in a web browser (because the launcher uses IE apis) somewhere, a plugin, a Javascript setting, some port forwarding or proxy weirdness going on, some ISPs throttling game traffic for some games and not others (not your ISP per se, it could be one between yours and our servers), and a variety of other shenanigans that can be going on that many of us overlook.

Most players enjoy the game fine, and others have network connection issues, which we try to solve the best we can.

It is a process of elimination. Which games, which location servers have more problems, and more.

Work with us and we will try and help you figure this out