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02-08-2012, 03:02 PM
I've seen this problem brought up on other games, particularly with certain routers, and particularly with Charter (though not exclusively).

Something changed in the way STO forms connections since S4 (I think). I suspect it's related to voice chat but I have no concrete evidence for this.

One friend of mine just brought this problem up to me yesterday. We replaced his router with an old Linksys running DD-WRT; I upped the default # of connections in the NAT pool and the problem vanished.

Now, if you want to debate whether that's Cryptic's fault or the router manufacturer's fault, be my guest. Only a few games seem to do this, and only on a few routers. On the other hand, replacing a router is a lot easier (at least for testing purposes) than getting a rewrite to Cryptic's code, particularly if Cryptic cannot reproduce the problem internally.

Just my $0.02. I don't care either way, since I'm not having the problem.