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02-08-2012, 03:14 PM
Working out details for an event for PVP Theater night at a yet undetermined date. Im currently reaching out to the RP community for their input as to a decent story line. I am going to try to keep it as simple and fun as possible for all involved.

Tier 1/2 Space PvP &
Ground PvP

Ten vs Ten matches. 5 RP'ers and 5 PvP'ers vs another 5 RP/5 PvP
If we get more than 20 people down for this we can have multiple matches staged. I would encourage the PvP community to reach out and sponser an RP'er for this event and vice versa

Basically I wanted everyone to roll an RP toon and stay in character for this event. Since im keeping it in the lower tiers battle can happen at a slower pace so exchanges in dialogue can happen in real time.

There would be no rules as since were integrating RP'ers into the event we would only need a simple story line and everyone one could improv through the battle. Future events would pave the way for something a bit more technical if this goes good.

Why? While PvP'ers dont RP an RP'ers never PVP. RP'ers want more content, PVP'ers want a change from the normal arenas, and we all find RP'ers a bit of an enigma at the same time we hold a soft spot in our hearts for them . The bonus is we dont interact with any NPC's so if your a dedicated PVE'er this event is not for you.

This thread is not an official annoucement just throwing an idea out to you guys in hopes of some constructive feedback.