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02-08-2012, 04:57 PM
Originally Posted by Gapaxbr View Post
We all know its coming, new C-store Odyssey, ill be honest, ill buy it if its a nice, useful ship. For example i think the sao paulo refit was worth every penny.

List the things you want to see with the new Odyssey, i'll list mine below. ill exclude the saucer sep and aux craft since we know those are coming

1. Lt. universal
2. universal console or 4/3/2 eng, tact, sci console
3. CANNONS, i know some may not agree with this, with the turnrate and all, ill manage
4. new skin variant. since ive asked for the typhoon for the longest time, this would be a good opportuiny to make it a odyssey variant, updated with new textures and what not of course
5. new deflector, not a fan of this one, seems kind of broken in the center
6. SEE THROUGH BUSSARDS like the galaxy and odyssey in ESD and blue bussards, some sci vessels have this
7. a nice bridge
8. in fact see through nacelles like this

9. A set of Recharable batteries (all 4 of them) like we saw in the Odyssey prototype mission...