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02-08-2012, 07:01 PM
You know there were cardassians in that fleet..

The Prophets prolly got tired of hearing them gripe.. the Jem Hadar would never say much of anything other then bug off, and the Founders themselves with the fleet would be as entertaning as watching a ballon deflate.

Even the Prophets get tired of dealing with that bunch of party killers.

And Likely Sisko, with a grin looked at the current state of the Federation, and the Klingon empire and may have said "Oh by all means, let them...return.. *grin!*"

Several decades have passed and new ships and technologies have been developed by the Alpha quadrant powers... Honestly, if you were a Gamma quadrant founder would you let these destablizing types returrn to the bosom of the dominion? I imagine the here and now founders sadi something along the line of we dont want them.. they're welcome to go carve themseves a piece of the Alpha quadrant....

*sigh* so my guess is "we" get to clean up this left over mess from decades ago. The Omega Task Force is based out of DS9 SHips and crew all specificly set up to do the nasty to the Borg.. I think al almost feel sorry for the Dominion fleet thats about to stick it greedy little hands into a buzz saw.