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Okay, so, very new here. Played in Beta, took a break, back again. I'm trying to decide what to stick my engineer and tac officer in for my Tier 4 ship. I'm definitely going escort for both- if I decide on a cruiser later I have the odyssey to fall back on, and may unlock the Excelsior Retrofit for handy transwarpability either way.

So, escorts: I saw on the archived forums this has been done to death: As far as I could understand the wisdom was Sci ensign is slightly more useful than Eng ensign, but that sci consoles are less useful- but all that was before shield consoles suddenly became science. Has the balance of power shifted? Does Engy go one way and tac the other? I'll probably go one on one and the other on the other so I get to try both, but which is which? Inquiring minds want to know. For what it's worth I'll probably go cannon for the extra pew pew pew DPS, and am probably going to go dps as a simple role until I get the strategies and tactics down.