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02-08-2012, 09:57 PM
Originally Posted by Sevenstarr
First of all a dog can in real life be used for REAL purposes like...

1. Alerting it's master to a threat before he would normally be aware. (Accute Senses/Exploit dmg..for instance increased hearing or smell)

2. Dogs have been used to augment attacks in real life. (K9 Shepards- have one of those clamp down on your arm and see what happens)

3. Cats have uses as well that translate in the game such as increased sight and smell in dark settings. are you going to tell me that while we can pet a tribble and get a MAGIC buff, that we can't have pets that do translate into the game in a way that they can augment their masters abilities?

Not to be rude, but do you think you really have a grasp on the concept of the OP? I think not.

BTW Beagles were developed to be hunters. Be a good way to uncover stealth players.
I like all the comments and feedback on my request...and Sevenstarr got what I truly meant in terms of how pets with traits that do exist in the real world be added to STO game play. Sorry if I wasn't clear the first time around.