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02-08-2012, 09:19 PM
Originally Posted by ivarST
What, the delusional "kum-bah-ya" chants?
How come there´s always someone disputing the most obvious facts instead of contributing to the actual thread?
How many cubes and squid ships have we scanned and hailed to death?

Please stop derailing the thread and try to come up with an interesting ship bonus.
Or other ideas for making T3 ships viable at endgame without breaking the lore or immersion or maybe most important, dev-time scheduling.
This has nothing to do with hippie-chants I will also only answer to this to not hijack the thread any more but:

You are right, STO is a shooting game and all we do is killing. This is right, though it still somewhat uses the Star Trek theme. In in this, why cannot we simply keep the basic principles of the franchise intact? Starfleets exploration vessels are heavily armed and more than capable to deliever a hefty blow, they have always been. But why do we need more and more warships? Why cannot we enjoy something unique to Star Trek and stick with the utopian ideals the UFP embodies? I know that they had their conflicts and I like that, but we shouldn't change Starfleet's image in a way that we only play another sci-fi total war game with new made-up warships. I don't know how this would anymore differ from EvEs setting, Star Wars, Freespace or something like this.

Starfleet's spirit is not military. It's not the US Army. And that is even more honourable than the most badass warship Honestly, I think we should keep this last bit of "canon"