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02-08-2012, 09:31 PM
Originally Posted by mvs5191 View Post
How to: Win STFs

1) Be in an Escort. There's no reason to use a Sci or a Cruiser.
1a) If you really insist on being a Sci to CC Nanite Spheres/Probes, don't. An MVAE can take GW 1 and TBR 1 and be way better at it than you.
2) Load up on either 4 DHCs + 3 Turrets or 3 DHCs + 1 DBB + 3 Turrets
3) Get two copies of Cannon: Scatter Volley, FAW. (SV 1 + 1, FAW 1 + 1) and Attack Pattern Beta (APB 3 + 2)
You are saying the truth ! But do you think its normal ? In a game with such variety of ships and build ?

Something is wrong, we are actually force to use escort ships everywhere, pve or pvp...
Escorts are the best ships for every class ( exept for science, but not sure of that lol)
They have dps, tanking, speed, manoeuvrability....Why to use cruisers ? They are slow, have lower dps and cant tank as well as a escort ! They lack defense, and sometimes accurency...

Pity...because i love cruisers, and i use them but when i compare what i can do with my escort, the choice is naturally made. Cryptic have to look at this problem !

(sry for my bad english, its not my native speaking, feel free to correct me )