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02-08-2012, 10:32 PM
Originally Posted by Cmdr_Funke View Post
you can shoot them, your team mates should be looking for those giant green orbs, I do. You wont be destroyed by the plasma torps when you team up with me. I ve completed the Cure on elite.
We've all completed cure on elite, but that's not what this thread is about.

We aren't talking about the high yield plasma tarpedoes that are large and can be destroyed.

We're talking about your average untargetable plasma torpedo that elite cubes, tac cubes, and gates fire. That crits for over 165,000 damage.

Given that these torpedoes are small, and their luminosity is not only low, but is also the colour of 90% of the backgrounds in a given borg space mission, they really sneak up on you. Even if you see them coming, you're usually still screwed.

You can pop polarize, brace for impact, and subspace modulator all at the same time, but you can't escape the torpedo, and you *will* die when it hits you.

Testing has shown that I never have to worry about the borg torp spreads or high yields. Even on a crit, while they can certainly do catastrophic damage, it's survivable if you see it coming.

It's when an elite tac cube/gate fires a single plasma torpedo that you have to be worried, because they almost always crit and when they crit you're going to explode.