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02-08-2012, 10:36 PM
Originally Posted by Issueman
I do really well with my odyssey. But I'm not an idiot. I have all mk XII gear. I can solo cubes *IF* I can hit the plasma torps....
Same here in my Galaxy-r.

Even today in KASE, I popped a cube solo, then I popped. Didnt see any HPT's though and i had enough hull and shields to withstand anything else it could throw at me (albeit not a full strength), maybe it was one of these invisable ones I've been hearing about?

On another note. It's a shame people are prefferring escorts so much, andhave reason to, when other ships can anddo sit in the mix and get the optionals. I got my MACO Team Commander Accolade and regularly get the optionals, especially in space.

On to the OP. I havn't been one shot in a long while, worst I get when at full hul and shields is one shield facing down and 65% of my hull wiped out, which is still a lot but you can withstand and recover if your team has your back.