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02-08-2012, 11:12 PM
Here are some realistic expectations:

1) Turn rate improvement. (Will likely come via saucer separation, which is fine.)
2) 4 Eng, 3 Tac, 2 Sci consoles would be nice. 3/3/3 would also be acceptable.
3) Swap the Ensign Sci for an Ensign Eng.

Ideally, saucer separation would be similar to the Galaxy version, but maybe without the shield hit. (Compensated by a greater hull hp loss and/or less of a speed/maneuverability boost.)

I don't have high hopes for the aux craft at all, though. Cryptic pet AI is universally terrible, so there is a good chance it will fail to do anything useful much of the time, regardless of what its stats end up being.