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02-08-2012, 11:16 PM
Consider a few things regarding the state of the Federation:

A) The Federation is in NO shape for another war front, reason:

1- The Borg have returned, making incursions on Federation territory. With that being said, most of the advance Federation Warships have been called to arm in the Gamma quadrant and to protect the Sol system from the Borg.

2- The War against the Klingon Empire has taken its toll on the Federation. In other words our losses keep mounting. Even though we may have advance in technology by 30yrs, due to the war on multiple fronts, the Federation has been using ships that were in mothball for years - such as the Centaur Class, the Oberth Class, the Excelsior Class, and the old Galaxy Class etc...

3- The True Way will be involved - and they have advance Cardassian and Jem Hedar technology. I am pretty sure they will make a push to assist the 2800.

4- The 2800 are currently an unknown - they may have been in limbo for 30yrs - but who is to say when they appeared somewhere they didn't advance their technology.

5- The Romulan civil war is also causing much havoc in the Federation front

6- Though the Breen may NOT show up during the 2800 FE, they are still part of the Dominion Union

7- our technology can still be counteracted - besides 30yrs has not advance the Federation far enough to the point where our vessels are super superior - It is to my understanding that current military technology makes a huge leap every 20yrs or so, and even that, by not much.

(take the M-16 auto rifle U.S. made - the thing is just as lethal as it was first introduced - despite the various new weapons that have been introduced. Same applies with certain warships in the U.S. Navy)

8- One final note and its the most IMPORTANT one - after the Star Trek Nemesis event - The Federation began to concentrate on its original goal (EXPLORATION) - The Federation was never about warfare but about exploration. I am pretty sure they concentrated in advancing science over military warfare tech.