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02-08-2012, 11:20 PM
Originally Posted by HamRadio18
2,800 ships is a lot. That is a lot of ships. But they are now outdated by over 30 years. We won the last war, and our technology has improved by so much, it seems like we should be able to beat them. Not easily, but it shouldn't be hard. Now, 2,800 ships is a lot no matter how old they are, but if the Federation, Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians, and everybody else join forces, perhaps we could win without loosing to much.

What do you guys think?
You forget we now have a different situation.

The Federation and the Klingons are at war with each other and with the Borg.
The Rormulans have lost their homeworld and are still trying to recover. Furthermore they are in conflict with the Klingons and are more or less in a civil war. Last time we needed the Romulans to fight the Dominon. This time they won't help much.
The Cardassians are still rebuilding and recovering from the last war. Like the Romulans they have sever internal problems including a splinter group of Jem'Hadar and Cardassians who will probably ally with the 2800.
Also don't forget the Breen. From all factions in the first war they lost least. As far as we know they might now be stronger than before the first war.

In addition we don't know how the Dominion will react. Will they ignore their former troops? Will they start a new war and join the battle? Will they ally with the Federation?

So on there own they don't have a chance. They will catch the Federation/Klingon by surprise and will cause damage but ultimately they will be defeated. But in the greater picture they may be able to crush the Federation and the Klingons. Because in the current state of things Federation/Klingons will lose a war like the first one.