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02-09-2012, 01:52 AM
This game has enough content that you could make the Xp per level atleast 4 times it current amount!

I mean there is ALOT of content.. leveling aint everything, it's just a perk..

* unlimited Exploring missions, (ok more variations needed)
* PVP, (Daily pvp missions)
* Gathering Anomalies for Crafting, (game aint finished until maxed out)
* Ability to replay missions.
* Accolades that people dont do, (some give decent bonuses or passive abilites)
* ESC's (game aint played until every Enemy Contact is done)
* Patrols (game aint played until every Patrol is done)
* STF's, and so on.

so there is enough content to make each rank harder,
so like
2 Million XP for Rear admiral LH
3 Million XP For Rear Admiral UH
5 Million XP For Vice Admiral

with killing a same lvl say Mogai = 1000XP or something.

missions or content should not take you from level to level there Should be some work in between like exploring and XP from crafting.