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02-09-2012, 02:15 AM
No its not and its not going to change ever.

Kdf have been overpowered since Beta and its simply a fact now. They have superior Turnrate, more flexible BOff Layouts, Cannons on pretty much any ship, a cloak on almost any ship for free and they dont have any disadvantages for all that (except certain ships like Chang Bop with very little HP).

A long time ago KDF cruisers tended to have about 5 % less hull to compensate for Turn/Cloak/Cannons (that compensation in itself is so LOL), however one day they were patched and the devs in their infinite wisdom increased klingon ships HP to that of their Fed counterparts, then even the illusion of balance was out the window.

However there are a few KDF lobbyists that will burn u alive for speaking such truths and come up with any excuse to defend this state of the game, so best thing to do is just accept it. If u want a fair and balanced fight, only do KvK or FvF pvp or simply abandon the idea of PVP entirely. Its broken and completely pointless gameplaywise.

None of the things above are of much consequence in PVE, so just enjoy both sides and their ships there.

Now let the flames come :p
Oh and just for the record, i got 3 KDF toons at VA, enjoying them quite a bit; doesnt change the fact that their toys are OP though.