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02-09-2012, 02:27 AM
Your missing something.

This game is based on a TV series that has major focus on ranks. Other games are not.

Lt Commanders do not fly around the Universe blowing *%$% up in trek but being a game we can't avoid it. I don't think the trek community who play the game want to be hanging around at lower ranks long, being the Commander who saves DS9 and all that no thanks.

We want to be Captains.

That is where Cryptic got it seriously wrong though didn't they. They went and added the Admiral ranks out of pressure to delay people hitting the big wall created by Q I guess. They could have let us rank fast, as fast as we currently do for Captain rank. Then used the Vice Admiral rank as a much more serious and rewarding rank which takes far longer.

That way the average player would be Captain ranked and a "Captain" of their ship.

Vice Admirals would have access to a lot of goodies but getting there would be no quick thing. If I was working on this game I would have this sorted like yesterday. They would make a fortune by selling items that help people reach VA quicker and for those reaching VA reward them with things like cross faction items and 600 c-store credit stipend.

Getting to VA could require the entire doff system to be ranked say 3, 4th rank being what gives really cool bonuses. That would take long enough, we wouldn't be seeing a lot of Vice Admirals and those players who want a slower ranking process would have get what they want. I'm not saying it would be all based on the doff system.

Captain too VA could be a jump from about 300,000 XP too 1,000,000 without any more points being spent on skills or at least not the full extra 700,000.

If I thought Cryptic would do this I would beg them. There isn't a player I've spoken to who doesn't think VA rank should be hard to obtain, a hardcore STO player thing.