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02-09-2012, 03:58 AM
I might be remembering the numbers wrong, but near the end of season 7 of DS9, when it is discovered that only the Klingon ships can quickly be adjusted to counteract the Breen energy weapon, Martok promises 1500 warships to defend the borders, after which someome replies that he'd be outnumbered 20:1, implying that there are 30000 Dominion (+Cardy & Breen) ships.

Additionally, during the retaking of DS9, the Dominion commits 1200 ships to its defense (anticipating being able to add the 2800 soon after), while the Federation brings 600 ships. These 600 ships, while being a significant part of the Federation fleet, are only refered to as a "task force" and it is implied that many more ships are available. This 600 ship taskforce barely holds ground against the 1200, but with the surprise decloaking of a Klingon taskforce of unknown size, the allies punch through.

While the numbers in both situations are quite far apart, in both cases you can conclude that a combined effort of KDF and SFC should be able to handle the 2800 with relative ease. Especially since the KDF/SFC ships are 40 years more advanced now and both factions have invested significantly in war efforts since the Dominion War due to the number of conflicts in the area since then. Starfleet now has an "escort" ship category, which has no purpose other than to fight.l