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02-09-2012, 03:20 AM
I love these threads.

OK, okay, okies, I do not PvP as much as I should. But I do when I can and I do play both sides. Here we go.

Unless something got borked or changed as a rule the KDF enjoys less shields than their Fed counter parts. So "more hull" gets cancelled out a little there.

Yes we can put heavy dual cannons on most any KLINGON ship, still most do not. Why? Because a bad turn rate makes a dualie wielding cruiser into a one pass wonder in PvP. Yes I have dualie cannon builds I use right now... In STFs.

There is only one class of ship in the game with naught but universal stations, it also has less hull, less shields, and less guns than an escort or a raptor and that is the Bird of Prey, (or the BoP as most call it). As I recall only one BoP can actually out turn a Defiant and that is the B'rel, which has almost no defense, (well a little more than the T1 ship it is drawn from which is not a whole hell of a lot).