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02-09-2012, 05:00 AM
Originally Posted by Captain_Starblazer View Post
I was trying to equate the Klingon side to the fed side and I guess Raptor class would be like the Science vessels in Fed? Raptors seem to be mid-range in speed and hull between the raider and cruisers.
Raptor class is a tactical ship. It's the KDF's escort.

A BoP is nothing like an escort.

Then again, you did complain about both a lack of carriers AND the BoP turnrate in your original post, so you're still new to the faction.

KDF doesn't seem to have a 'science vessel'

, of course if you want one just put Science BO's in those 'universal' slots. Want an engineering place those. The 'mix and match' BO's would be really nice on my fed ship.
It doesn't work out that way. Science BOFFs don't make you a science vessel. You're missing the innate science vessel stuff. And most of the time you're shoving science BOFF powers onto a vessel far more suited for something else.

It's like shoving a tactical BOFF onto your universal slot on the Odyssey and saying "Hey, I'm an escort now!"