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Originally Posted by Captain_Starblazer View Post
I will gladly show you to the airlock, let me get in orbit first.. :p
Still want change the fact you are whining about eh KDF and without the proper info iether.

the T-4 Hegh'ta BoP
24,000 hull
3,980 shields
weapons 4 2
100 creww
3 3 3 consoles
21 turn rate (not 26 without skilling)


the Defiant- retrofit
30,000 hull
4,702 shields
weapons 4 3
50 crew
4 3 2 consoles
17 turn rate

The BoP has less hull, less BOff slots (even with all Universal), slightly less weapons, less shields.
Its the most versatile and squishiest ship in the game. A one-trick pony that relies on surprise and Alpha Strike to kill. It can not last ina sustained fire fight and given that a good Beam Overload can drop its shields and eat its hull in one strike - its hardly the OP monster that your fears says it is.

The Defiant -R on the other hand is very tanky, very Alpha bursty and is a beast- as it should be.
The MVAM is just as capable as any BoP with none of the drawbacks.

Do some research before you start jumping at shadows and blaiming your poor PvP experiences on the mean old Klingons becuase this is a well traveled road and it never ends at the sign saying, " OmG, you where right!". Many have cried the KDF is OP and they ahve all been shown that its not true.
Good in a fight sure, but as about as OP as my ridged tuckus.

Originally Posted by The5thchild
No its not and its not going to change ever.

Kdf have been overpowered since Beta and its simply a fact now. They have superior Turnrate, more flexible BOff Layouts, Cannons on pretty much any ship, a cloak on almost any ship for free and they dont have any disadvantages for all that (except certain ships like Chang Bop with very little HP).
And you are just as deluded as your other feddie friend.
The BoP pays heavily for its benefits and all BoPs have the lowest Hull and shields ingame, not just the B'rel.
All BoPs have access to one less BOff ability at 11 instead of 12, as well.

Our cruisers are not exploration vessels in any sense of teh definition and suffer for it in low hull and shields that just match fed minimums. Lets look shall we;
At Ra level and up the fed cruiser has 39,000 hull and a minimum of 4,975 shields per facing (maxed 5,225)
3 tac slots, 4 engineering and 2-3 science slots with a turn rate between 6 and 8.
At BG level and up the two KDF battle cruisers (neghvar/Vorcha retrofit) have 36,000 to 39,000 hull and a maximum of 4,975 shields per facing, 3 tac slots, 4 engineering, and 2 science with a turn rate of 9 and 10.
The Vorcha has the same BOff set-up as the Assault cruiser but falls behind in hull and exceeds it by 3 points in turnrate.
The Neghvar has the same BOff set-up as the Exploration Cruiser refit and the same hull stat, but falls behind in shields and exceeds it by 3 points in turnrate.
Even with cannons and a cloak that doesn't work once battle is joined (so it doesn't allow a Battle cruiser to disapeer in the middle of a fight) the benefits of teh Battle Cruiser are overcome or nullified by the capabilites of teh fed vessels - creating balance.

Our Raptors are exact clones of the fed Escort with higher hull but with lower shields and turnrates. We have one at BG rank and above. The feds have 4 at RA and above.

Overall teh strengths of each factions balances out thier weaknesses and the OP factor of iether faction boils down to the user, thier experience and thier builds.

Maybe you need experience with more of the latter two, becuase I have yet to see teams of OP Klinks rolling through the Que's in OPvP matches with the level of might and force some of you feds seem to think we posses.