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02-09-2012, 06:10 AM
Originally Posted by The-Doctor.
Leveling is too fast, simply put. It diminishes the gameplay experience. You level so quickly, you don't even get a chance to finish all the storyline missions by the time you hit lvl 50. After that, there is no incentive to even finish the storyline missions, even if they do have good stories. It has reduced the meaning of them, plus, it has reduced the meaning of owning gear at each level. With leveling so fast, you end up not spending resources on gear at each level, and just wait till RA to gear up properly.

The meaning of everything has been reduced. Then, you get to 50 so fast, and find out there is no more content. With such a content light game, why rush to get to the end? It makes no sense at all.

Please Cryptic, dial back the rate of leveling, if not at the level it was when the game launched (which was great IMO), then at least a compromise, somewhere in-between then and now.
No thank you.