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02-09-2012, 05:16 AM
Originally Posted by Berlorian
This game has enough content that you could make the Xp per level atleast 4 times it current amount!

I mean there is ALOT of content.. leveling aint everything, it's just a perk..

* unlimited Exploring missions, (ok more variations needed)
* PVP, (Daily pvp missions)
* Gathering Anomalies for Crafting, (game aint finished until maxed out)
* Ability to replay missions.
* Accolades that people dont do, (some give decent bonuses or passive abilites)
* ESC's (game aint played until every Enemy Contact is done)
* Patrols (game aint played until every Patrol is done)
* STF's, and so on.

so there is enough content to make each rank harder,
so like
2 Million XP for Rear admiral LH
3 Million XP For Rear Admiral UH
5 Million XP For Vice Admiral

with killing a same lvl say Mogai = 1000XP or something.

missions or content should not take you from level to level there Should be some work in between like exploring and XP from crafting.
With the level restrictions on ships, that just wont work. F2P players will want to play their cannon ships, and anything that makes that harder to get to will be a plus in the negative direction.

I still hate how long it took me to get to 50 playing casually(not till this past November). I missed out on so many great sales of RA and VC ships that I wanted but can now no longer afford.