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02-09-2012, 06:39 AM
Originally Posted by Peewee28 View Post

This may or may not be my own fault, Normally i receive my 400 cpoints today but for some reason i haven't.

I think it may possibly be due to my mistakenly canceling my sub the other day which i did reactivate right away.

Could someone tell if this mistake on my part with effect my monthly stripend given that yes i made a mistake but my subscription is technically still running and paid up to-date with no drop from gold to silver in that time.

Cheers Skip
Wait, you received C-Points for just being subscribed?(That would explain 400 random C-Points that I got).

OT: From what I know, many of the people in my Fleet are experiencing the same problem. I t may be a bug, or something to be fixed in the update. I highly doubt that they would get rid of this benefit to Gold members so fast, without telling anyone.