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02-09-2012, 08:11 AM
Originally Posted by Stegi
Thanks Dev's.

People have been saying for 2 years now BOP's are OP. They were wrong until today. I can't imagine the slaugther when BOP's get use all the sweetness klingon consols have to offer.

Whoever came up with the idea was a real genius. Like that would change the way money is spent on the c-store. OP KDF Side now will burn the Feds in PVP.
::: laughs ... You say that about the BoP.

Just imagine a bortaS armed with all that goodness!

Seriously ... BoP has a weak hull strength.

bortaS is as slow as a cow. ... The more regular console slots they fill up with these U-consoles ... the easier it is to kill either.