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02-09-2012, 08:28 AM
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Am not sure but I think there is something wrong with 2 quests I have encountered when I was level 4.

I was trying to do "Explore The Delta Volanis Cluster".

The objective of the quest is to scan all ships (5 of them), the thing is that I always end up spending most of the time looking for the last ship but do not find it.

The other quest is the exact same but has enemies (3) at each ship to be scanned, got them all except for the last area where I have killed the enemies but could not see any ship to scan.

Had to drop each and level up to take up different quests to proceed.

Name of quests: (not sure from the order though)

To find interactable objects use the scan function (the button on the left edge of your mini-map below the transwarp, or the default key is V ). It will point you towards the nearest anomaly / ship.