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02-09-2012, 10:47 AM
Originally Posted by Kosch25
There has to be a mistake with this new skill boost for exp. You geht a maximum of worht of 6000, thats the playtime of 1 mission in higher levels and have to pay 780 points. And then you have added a commendation xp boost there you get 10000 xp that cost less (and 10000 comendation xp is far more difficult to achieve).

I do not want to start a discussion, i know some people would think that this is planned and is for people who want to spend money but these numbers do not fit to a model there you can gain money with it. Only people who do not understand that this really means would try such items out. Perhaps there was a mistake with this change ? (before todays patch there was an hourly xp boost i think, im not one of the persons who use the c-shop regulary).
I raised this with PWE_Brankflakes the other day in the thread about the lock boxes (or was it on Twitter? I forget now...) and the response implied he was uncertain on the working of them, but yes - if these affect mission reward XP then they are a real downgrade from the old XP Boosts that used to be sold.

I would have to say that this needs to be looked at, as the price for these is very much overpriced compared to what they give the player. I'd like to see some sort of developer/Brandon response to this.