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02-09-2012, 12:04 PM
Originally Posted by Cruis.In View Post
<all this right here>
I can somewhat agree with points you make.
I say make the cap on Universal consoles a maximum of 2 at any time. period.

It's time to take away Tactical Team, and make the redistribute shields button clickable once every 10 seconds only or something, so people can't spam the redistribute button basically becoming a manual tactical team. Combat should go back to positioning, turning to save a downed shield etc... which currently doesnt matter one bit now.

I often see noobs talk about positioning, and keeping your shields up by turning and making your strongest shield face the enemy....often see this in reviews, but little do they know with tactical team and redistribute spam this aspect of space combat is null and void.
Tactical team is over due for what ever fix or change was discussed months ago but I think nerf the manual Distribute shields options is not the way to go. They do not work the same.
TT redistributes points to the facing taking damage and is why it is so well used in combat as one can now heal the very facing that your opponent is trying to fight through.
Shield distribution (as a whole) does not do this. It iether feeds points to all facings equally or individually depending on which command you use at any given time.
Re-positioning oneself to move a damaged shield facing is all well and good when it works. Given the wide breadth of Turnrates in STO, some vessel can do this very well and others turn so slow as to not even move at all.
I vote fix tactical team, not nerf Shield Distribution.