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02-09-2012, 12:21 PM
Great, now we're getting spammed by cryptic, and you may as well stick a sign that says 'spam me' on anybody who wins that thing. Not ok cryptic.

Master Keys are only available for a limited time? Does that mean that the lockboxes are only a temporary addition to the game as well?
No, what it means is that this specific lottery box is limited time. No doubt to be replaced with another soon enough.

sidenote: given that crypitcs definition of 'limited time' seems to be very shall we say flexible *cough* tos limited edition bridge pack *cough* it sure looks like it could stick around a long time and therefore claiming its only around for a short time, in order to coerce people into rush buying it is very unethical.

if you're going to claim something is 'available for a limited time' you best explain what that means. cause that hasn't been true on at least one occasion.

They need to move this to it's own C-Store channel.
No, they need to remove it completely. There is no reason whatsoever for a company to be telling any of its customers what someone else has won or otherwise obtained. It makes that person a target for spammers, hackers and account thieves. and it borders on being a privacy violation. who's business is it what you have but yours?

How is making up a dev response helpful?
considering they've made similar absurd claims in the past, i'd say its very reasonable to expect such a statement

If your going to do drop boxes dont include the ship. We really dont need them and its just a ploy to actually get us to try and get something from the store
i'm pretty sure thats the whole point. if not for the ship, honestly, who would even consider buying a key for that stuff?

to sum it up:

so far i've seen evidence of: cryptic sending and encouraging spam, cryptic violating peoples privacy by telling others what they have won, unethical coercion in attempting to get people to buy the keys, and essentially telling any hacker or account thief who may be sitting in chat listening 'hey! over here! I won a valuable ship! try to steal my account so you can have it! and if you don't want to do that just spam my inbox to death asking to buy it from me!!!' - did anyone not consider this?

yet another example of things being handled badly by whoever is responsible for these decisions.