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02-09-2012, 02:31 PM
Originally Posted by ivarST
Welcome good Captains, I hope we can help us and Cryptic with this little problem.

As we all know leveling progress quickly throws us out of the barely warmed up (Commander level) Tier 3 captainīs chair.
This not only means all those nice (yes even the golfball :p ) ship models are virtually invisible in the game, but endgame is depressingly monotonous in itīs ship versatility.

Very much unlike ALL the TV and movie shows.

The other big problem is that Cryptic has put themselves needlessly into a corner by trying to come up with "yet another cool gimmick" for those Retrofit ships.
This costs valuable developer and balancing brain juice(ew) resources or simply time.

Another part of this problem is that Cryptic seems to constantly ignore the big elephant in the room their own lore poses.
Case in point, the Fedīs latest ship is yet another explorer barge, while they are beleaguered from ALL sides and basically should be getting their asses kicked.

IMHO the solution to all these problems lies in retrofitting the unused T3(Commander level) ships into BATTLE ships.
Or rather Attack Ships, as BATTLE is more of a designation for a bigger ship class?
I.e. Attack Escorts, Attack Cruisers and Attack/Covert Science Ships.

As they should be scraping the bottom of the barrel for unused but still capable ships, and not for the exploring type.

To finally come to the point of this thread, here are my humble proposals.

All T5 retrofitted T3 ships ..
  • keep their hull & turn rates
  • get another forward weapon slot
  • get their crew compartments halved to make room for the added weapon slot and other tech upgrades
  • if needed get the upgraded T5 shield modifier
  • get the BOFF and console layout of the T3 c-store ships, but with the ltd-cmdr BOFF upgraded to cmdr.
  • get an innate bonus to offset the missing T5 BOFF slot(+x weapon power or accuracy or torp fire rate, etc.)
  • oh yeah and only cost Dilithium(prettyplease )

Now that next to last bullet point is where the cookie crumbles. It has to be something not too over-powered yet good enough to make flying these buckets intriguing.

And it has to be "invisible" as not to cost any bigger Dev resources, so they can finally put those into actual new ships. Appropriate for a universe 40 years after the movies.

I know I have limited the options here severely, but I feel itīs necessary to keep the whole thing manageable balancing wise and still make these ships actually unique to fly.
Sorry to the Tier2/1 and Miranda lovers, theses ships are definitely put out of the race. In case of the Connie even from CBS themselves.

So what do you think of this? Your proposals and ideas?

Edit:slightly changed the name of the class, as described.
SO your want your Akira retrofit and cake too..

nah... enough t5 ships already along with diff types of Escorts(3), Science(4), Cruisers (4), and now a Cruiser that can be a jack of all trades...

even in theory, i would not recommend doing it. Far too much that is not in game that would be more worthy of the effort.