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02-09-2012, 03:38 PM
Originally Posted by mister_dee
I've got a feeling you've missed the point.
It's not about not refitting, but it's this constant demand for battle here, battle there and this constant feeling people are trying to imitate Edward James Olmos when they shout "We are at War!"
Actually Quilt is spot on, you and the others here totally missed the point.

The Feds simply ARE at war.
And not only a multiple front one, but even multidimensional (including the 4th aka time).

I suggest replaying the fricken missions or reading the actual book to this game.
It is called "The Long WAR" in there. The next feature episode is about an invasion from the past, for peteīs sake. How obvious does it have to be???

K, guess Iīm getting my discussion. Just about something completely different.
Typical trekkie stuff, canīt even get a consensus on the color of our "waste products". :p

Thatīs what I wub about you ornery bastiches.