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02-09-2012, 04:08 PM
Originally Posted by Gym_Quirk
But the currently-existing time-based XP boost items will remain as they are and not be converted, right?

Nearly all of my VAs have a bound 8-hour 20% XP booster in their bank. (Received as a result of the 1-year anniversary event, IIRC.) Since they're bound, I can't sell them, and I might as well keep them for that still-in-the-indeterminate-future time when the level cap gets raised.
From the article:

These changes do not affect any Skill Point boost items that characters acquired before the change. Those items will continue to work using the time period specified on them. The older boosts for Skill Points also provided a boost to Officer Skill Points that the newer boosts do not.
So I'm going to say 'no' unless I'm reading this wrong.