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02-09-2012, 05:11 PM
To be honet my issues aren't just w/the consoles. Everything done by this company seems to come back to the C-Store. Even side games like Doffs are now impacted, and likely the upcoming FE as well. Meanwhile a Dev has to make his own time to squash obvious bugs the player base needs to point out and document. Even gold user interfaces are becoming cluttered w/advertising. I have no way of managing the HUD to get rid of the annoying tray @ the top of the screen.

It stems from the top of the company (Cryptic that is not Perfect World) as there seems to be zero interest in developing a quality product like they said would happen w/the company sale, but instead just another quick fleecing approach. Kinda stinks they're responsible for developing a D&D product too. If this weekends FE is another C-Store grab I'm gone, and Cryptic will have tainted 2 IPs I grew up with even though I'll never have played their version of D&D and never will.