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02-09-2012, 07:32 PM
A lot of what I'm seeing on people's list is the usual whining that the Odyssey isn't a min/max ship. Deal with it, she's not a combat refit (Galaxy Dreadnought), not a straight-up slugger (Sovereign), but an advanced star cruiser. So quit crying you can't pack dual cannons of any sort, if you want that on a cruiser, go spend 1,600 Cp on the Galaxy dreadnought. Performs too much like a whale? Wait for the +1 with it's saucer separation, get an Excelsior Retrofit, or spend your tax refund on Cp for keys to try and get a Galor.

Now, getting off the soap box…

1. I'd like to see the saucer separation as an innate ship ability, rather than a universal console. Between using the Assimilated Module and Anti-Matter spread consoles, my SCI slots are already going to be pretty well tapped and I don't necessarily want to ditch any of my Engineering consoles if the Odyssey's aux craft and/or saucer separation are consoles.

2. Alternate skins. Yes, the fact you can change materials changes it a bit, but it'd be nice to have a bit of variety. I can honestly go without it, but it'd be nice.

3. A Terran Empire trim to go with it.