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02-09-2012, 08:21 PM
Originally Posted by LordSpyder View Post
ok, like I saidin my first post, it's not over heating, the temps never get nearly hot enough for that, it's not underpowered, the voltages hold steady. It is random, but happens most often in ESD and in Fleet actions.
I just replaced the video card, still having the same issue. I just used driver sweeper to tottaly remove any traces of old video drivers, still shutting down on me. The real problem is I get no error messages or BSOD. It just turns off like some one pulled the plug, then starts back up.
You can actually prevent the computer from auto-restarting on a critical system crash. If you have Windows 7, do the following.

1. Right click Computer in your Start menu, and select "Properties"

2. On the right side, click "Advanced System Settings"

3. Another window will pop up. Select "Advanced" and look at the third box "Startup and Recovery"

4.Click the "Options" button in that box, and uncheck the box that says "Automatically restart."

You may not actually be seeing the BSOD because it restarts so quickly.