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# 1 [GN] Guardians of Neraxia
02-09-2012, 10:09 PM
Hello from Guardians of Neraxia!
We are a small but growing English-Only RP Fleet that supports Star Trek Online, DC Universe Online and Star Wars: the Old Republic.

We have a Website, Forums & Teamspeak Server.
We are semi-active at the moment and are helpful towards members and strangers alike.
We are currently looking to expand our fleet within Star Trek Online at this time and will accept applications in-game as well as on our forums.
We have two types of members:
1: Ranked Members - These are the members that want to role play and gain experience in the Fleet and get higher ranks to hold positions like Division CO.
2: Civilians - You want to hang out with us but not want to deal with the Military Rank structure. This is your option

STO Fleet Name: Guardians of Neraxia