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02-10-2012, 01:41 AM

Skill boost change is just another way Cryptic is screwing us and trying to explain how beneficial it is to us. I know I can get a helluva lot more than 6k xp out of an 8 hour boost, and it already made sure you didn't waste to boost by not making you stay logged in for the entire time. So if you knew you needed to be afk for a while you logged out and didn't waste any of your boost.

All this does is limit the amount of skill points earned with the money spent. One more way for Cryptic to gouge the customer and expect us to thank them for it.

Cryptic, stop ****ing on my leg and trying to convince me it's raining!

v Doing nothing more than missions, and not skipping any text, I still guarantee I can earn more than 6k extra XP from an 8 hour 20% boost.