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# 14 I agree
02-10-2012, 12:44 AM

I am paying at the moment monthly (yes, i am still paying!) and i am seeking, like the holy graili, for a reason to take this lifetime subscriber abo.
i can't find one at the moment. really!

it is not only this commercial thing at themoment "i have sometimes the feeling to be in a supermarket with the message spam, they shall make some other player crazy to search boxes and buy keys"

at the moment, as the player bought via lifetime subscriber acess to the game, they bought it with a quality.
the amount of other players was moderate and the mapsize was ok for the player.

but now? you can't go somewehere fighting without a small fleet of other player everywhere!
but the mapsize is still the same.
it is like you buy internet flatrate lifetime and after 2 years they sell so many contracts that they say "let us make it half speed"

the goodies for the gold members and the lifetime sucscribers are a good joke.
they have nothing to loose to give the paying members something like a own uniform, an area for them ) and monthly something real goodies - equippment, ships, missions,...

pardon my bad schooltime is maaaaany years away