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02-10-2012, 12:54 AM
Originally Posted by BigRedJedi
While I'm still heavily invested in TOR, I did get around to re-installing STO this past weekend (wanted to get the Free flagships, while the opportunity was present)... I have spent the past few days perusing the myriad forums, and it saddens me to see that many things remain as they were, but it brings joy to my heart to see that so many of the great members of this Community are still actively involved in trying to change things for the better.

While I know that I won't be spending a huge amount of time in-game, at least, not yet... I wanted you to know that I have missed you all, and look forward to re-discovering the joy of the Community, in the days ahead...

In short... "He's Big, He's Red... He's BACK!"

So, what have I missed?


P.S. *Some Girl hugs Tide*
Yeah! Nice to see you back. I am also primarily playing TOR, but I'll look into STO a little while the new FEs are running and the new flagship is there. I don't feel like comitting myself again to it, though. Other than the forums PVP, of course.